JLWhitaker Associates is a multi-area consulting service, focused on assisting its clients to :

  • plan for,
  • implement and
  • manage

processes and technologies to meet their
needs for the best
  • communication,
  • research,
  • distance learning and 
  • training.

    With over 25 years experience creating innovative technology-facilitated programs, Jan Whitaker enjoys working with creative clients and associates with a strong commitment to serving their customers with top quality programs and products.

    Our goal is to work together to design and develop the right solution for your organisation and those with whom you work.

  •   Goal Setting
  •   Quality Processes
  •   Solution Analysis
  •   Team Building
  •   Change Management
  •   Evaluation
  •   Training and Implementation
  •   Range of Technologies
    •   Instructional Design
    •   Survey Research

    Please explore our service areas and recent clients. A full CV is available upon request.

    Updated: 28 January 2006