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Where’s the Halbach RAV?


I just pulled up this archive footage from NBC26. They are posted in date order, I think, in their collection. This is a screen capture picture from:

NBC Halbach Search video

So where is the RAV?



I’ve circled where it was found on 5 November. Can you see it? I can’t. In fact, there look to be fewer cars in that area than had been there later. Looks to be lots of gaps between them.












It would be worth contacting NBC to see all of their aerial footage on whatever day that was. Was it stock footage? Or was it shot at the time of the search? Maybe they have the original that can be enlarged?



Spot the magic bullet? Where was that key? [UPDATE 5]

Those who are examining the evidence in the Halbach murder case as depicted in the Making a Murderer program from Netflix (Dec 2015) have probably come across two elements that come into the story after initial searches: the magic bullet and the RAV4 valet key. I have tweeted about both of these as well as posted on the subReddit. I’d like to expand a bit, showing some of the images I’ve looked at as trial evidence has been released.

[see new image below – used with permission; Thanks, Smash.]

[NEW new image below – used with permission; Thanks, tuckerm33]

[oh DEAR – another visual analysis. I feel like a yoyo.; Thanks, magilla39 (I think)]

The Magic Bullet

Something’s been bothering me about the Steve Avery garage search and the ‘magic bullet’ found days later in that mess of a garage. Turns out, the spot that the flattened bullet at marker 23 was in plain sight. So how was it in one photo there wasn’t a bullet under, sort of, the green air compressor next to the red tool shelf stand, but amazingly there it is later when it’s magically found? Did Andy Colbert shake the tool shelf ‘violently’ as well? And the bullet ‘happened to fall out’ and roll under the green compressor? See what you think. Here are a series of photos from the trial evidence:
[and when you get through this, there is a surprise update at the end – WORTH IT!]

First is Evidence photo 266.

This is the full photo from the evidence files.


Zoomed even closer. Note the red corner of the Tool Shelf.
This is a cropped version, zooming into the relevant area.

Unfortunately, the resolution isn’t very good. A magnifying glass would help. However you can get a relative position of the found bullet by observing the discoloration on the cement floor.

Exhibit-garage-bullet-marker 23. The compressor removed (fancy that), but note the distance from the tool shelf.
And finally, the exhibit marked bullet 1, w/ yellow marker 23, that we are familiar with.















In the photo above: pay attention to the WHITE stuff near the yellow evidence marker. IT’s VERY IMPORTANT.

[old UPDATE – keep reading below this next photo]

‘Smash’ on the Reddit discussion of Making A Murderer took me on regarding these images and produced this, showing the angles if you moved the red tool chest around. In this image manipulation, it appears the bullet could actually be behind the wheel of the air compressor. It’s hard to know, given that many items could have been moved out of position, including the tool chest, by the time the bullet find happened. I could be convinced either way. There are no landmarks for the red chest position in the latter photos.


UPDATE January 2017

Well, things are emerging. Here’s another photo of the same area, comparing not the surrounding moveable items, but something that is UNmoveable: the WALL.

Maybe I was right in the first place! Thanks to Tuckerm33 for the permission for using this photo. Discussion on Reddit at:


Magilla39 changes things – again – with better photo interpretation – February 2017

Seems Smash may have been right. We can’t just use the wall, but must also use 3-dimensional space and move out from the wall. Here’s the latest, and seems to put the bulled behind the compressor wheel after all. At least readers can’t say we aren’t trying to be accurate! Reddit comment explanation here:


UPDATE NOW: remember the white stuff?

OK, I’m not going into details here. This Reddit Post is too good to try and replicate. But here’s the gist. The white stuff is cement dust. Yeah, they took a jackhammer to the floor. In this Reddit post: you can see the area they did that hammering, just to the front of the red tool chest. The dust and chips went EVERYWHERE in that area.

Why does that matter? Because there is NO DUST ON TOP OF THE BULLET. The bullet was placed there after the jack hammering the day before. Go ahead, slide back up this page and look again. The bullet is sitting on TOP of the CEMENT DUST.


Job done.

The Key

The key found on the floor of Avery’s bedroom wasn’t found until several days after the initial search. It appears on the floor beside a bookcase across from the side of the bed, near the doorway to the room. It as Lenk who spotted it, not Colborn or the Calumet County investigator, Kuscharski. K was sitting on the bed, the key was straight in front of him, according to his testimony.

Several items on the top of bookcase are in their same positions. Note the position of the white pieces of paper near the remote control. And yet, Colborn’s testimony was that he shook the bookcase and the key fell out, somehow. You might say he pulled the bookcase forward (note the electric cable is a slight different angle) and it separated the back of the bookcase from the main structure (the cable extended into the bookcase to a charger I believe). Yes, the case had been searched, the loose items removed before. So why now? and how did the key end up so far away from the supposed source?

Finally, who moved the slippers and when? Lenk and Colborn were both working in that area according to K. Lenk points from the doorway: look there’s a key.


When entrepreneurs run public agencies you get this.

There is an uproar that began this week in Australia when the head of the top national research organisation, CSIRO, decided we don’t need no steenking climate change modeling. Those scientists and staff can change to engineers and start figuring out how to ‘mitigate’ the risk.

It didn’t take long until the worldwide climate science community came out in force to tell the ‘venture capitalist’ Marshall that he’s got it wrong.

( his history: )

I normally don’t write to agencies. I usually write to ministers. In this case, I made an exception (along with copies to the relevant Ministers)

My letter to Dr Marshall:

Subject: The CSIRO climate science debacle

Dear Dr Marshall

I don’t normally write to heads of agencies, but I had to make a change myself as the current situation is too important.

I read with deep concern your quotes in this ABC News article
regarding your interpretation of the reaction to the open letter from the scientists. Those of particular concern are:

– explaining to yourself that their outcry is because ‘they’re not going to want to change’. Sir, good science is completely about change. I see you’re an engineer and physicist by background. That explains much about your misunderstanding. You worked in a static discipline. You’ve been working in finance and business. You are being very condescending to those who are telling you that you are wrong.

– change as your justification. **Inclusion** of mitigation is, in my opinion, a good thing. We are at risk. It is important to assist those whose lives will be affected by the impact of extreme climate change — coastal areas, food production, energy use, building construction to name a few. However, it does not mean the models are static and complete. What if we had stopped developing and observing 30 years ago? Our models today would be wrong. How would we understand what is happening now? It’s not just about continuing to collect data. It’s about interpreting it, feeding it into the scientific community, testing hypotheses, and identifying the areas where mitigation is going to be required.

– equating the reaction to ‘religion’. ““In fact it almost sounds more like religion than science to me. “ On the contrary, you are hearing from professionals — worldwide — who are pointing out you are making a grave error. This is not a group of religionists, sir. These are some of the best minds in the world. I suggest you consider they may know a bit more than you about this area.

In closing, I don’t want you to take any time in responding to this email. What I ask you to do instead is to ramp up a bit of your own humility, think about the expertise of the people in the scientific community most involved in this discipline, and step back from this ill-thought-through decision.

If you need resources to add mitigation to the climate portfolio, either redistribute from other money-making areas in CSIRO (your KPI for entrepreneurship we are all suspecting is driving your role – ), or other less vital areas within the agency, or approach your boss PM and fight for additional funds.

At a minimum, don’t throw out the underpinnings or downsize to insignificance, what has been built already. That’s no way to run a Research Organisation.

Jan Whitaker
Berwick, Victoria

cc: Christopher Pyne, Karen Andrews, Wyatt Roy

Could this die have caused the marks on Hae Min Lee’s body?

UPDATE April 2019:

The Case Against Adnan Syed documentary from HBO has shown a possible option: concrete grinding tools. The diamonds do not overlap in the harlequin pattern, though. But maybe the abstract shape we have been working from isn’t correct.

After doing additional web searching, I found a site that supplies them. It’s still not clear that this is what caused the marks, but an interesting fact: the man who found Hae’s body was known to polish/grind concrete. The private investigators are still working on this.

Here is the website if you want to look for yourself. I won’t put a photo this time.

Original theory: I found this from a company after hours searching the internet. It is the ONLY shape I found even close to matching.

Possible cause of Hae Min Lee's body marks?
Possible cause of Hae Min Lee’s body marks?

This is a die cast used by this person:
You will see it  near the bottom of her blog page.

The green bit at the right is the master for it from
No idea if this pattern was in existence back in 1999, but perhaps something similar did. It might be worth contacting the Sizzix company who makes this and see if they have seen anything similar or if they made this pattern back then.

Shape across Hae's upper torso in a ROW
Shape across Hae’s upper torso, several in a ROW

Note the irregular shapes in the row above, similar to the irregularity of the marks on Hae’s body. It’s not just one of those patterns on the body. It’s a ‘string’ of them.

Anyone in the suspect list into craft or printing? Or their families?

Key word: Harlequin — which is ‘stacked’ diamonds

Maybe there’s something in this, maybe not. But there MUST be something that caused those marks as it certainly wasn’t at the burial site. The prosecution cannot wash this away as meaningless.