Family History 2022 Week 2 – Favourite Finds

Favourite Find – My 9th Great Grandmother

I love stories of strong women, especially when I find them in my ancestry. When I found Grietje Cozyn (multiple spellings of that Dutch name), I was so happy to read her biography. And because of the historical nature of the time in New Amsterdam, the location of her family farms in what became Lower Manhattan near Wall Street and on the Stuyvesant property is well established. I love thinking about her life in the early Dutch colony and that she was part of the group that established the Tappan Patent in what is today Rockland County and surrounds. The house her 3rd husband built for their family is still there. After her lifetime, later during the Revolution, that house was twice used by General Washington as a headquarters.

Here is something about Grietje that I shared with my women’s group last year for International Women’s Day, my 9th great grandmother:

Her Family Search record is here:

“Grietje – A Woman of Great Beauty and Charm

“…Margrietje was known for her great beauty and charm. She is perhaps the most notable woman in the early days of New York.”

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