Family History Wk 52 – Next Year

The task given this final week of the year is to nominate who I want to research next year. To decide how to answer this, I went to my family tree fan chart. That was no help. I have heaps of information back several generations, so none took my fancy. Where to next?

My writing project – eight great great grandmothers. I’ve been a bit slack on finishing it because, well, the last three are going to be VERY HARD. None of them came to the United States and all are from Hungary. I have basic information, have even looked up a few maps to get a sense of where they lived. I think I’ll need to put on my big girl pants and dig in to finish this project. So here’s to great great grandmothers Catherine Deutsch, Quela or Guela Tula and Juliana Burkos. See you in 2022!

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