Review: DUST – Patricia Cornwell

Well, it’s been a couple weeks since I finished this, so I’m trying to recall. I know it was a pretty quick read. It has all the standard characters. I can even now imagine the scenes, so it’s stuck with me. I wouldn’t rate it one of her best. In fact, in discussion with another Cornwell reader, he said he has the impression she calls it in now. I would tend to agree.

**spoiler alert**

But there are issues. Lots of padding, which is a no-no. Others have commented on the repetition. I agree.

But the biggest disappointment was all the fuss about the Dust, given the title, and yet, that’s the bit I can’t remember! It was played up big time in the beginning, like it was going to be some major plot point. But all it did for me was link the murders. So much more could have been done with it. It is fiction after all. Make stuff up!

I did like the intrigue of the falsification of data, though. That modernised the tale for me, yet it was derivative of Person of Interest. Not really original.

I will keep reading her stuff, just like I’ll keep reading Sue Grafton. But I’m starting to feel less intrigued, which is a shame. I’m starting even think I can write as well or even better.

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